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How to choose the shade of your sunglasses?

39% of them think that the darker the Ray Ban Sale is, the more they protect from UV. Well, this is an idea. To avoid making a purchase you may regret, the National Association for the Improvement of Sight brings you some insights.

No, it is not the shade of a solar glass that makes it effective. The only function of the hue is to reduce glare. It’s only the glass material and the treatments that are added that filter invisible UV rays and protect your eyes.

If it is the quality of the UV filtration that must prevail for the choice of your Ray Ban Sale, you can nevertheless dwell on the color. While some of them, like blue or pink, are purely aesthetic, others like gray, brown, green or yellow have special functions. Indeed, according to your view and the use you make of your glasses, a well chosen shade can bring you more comfort.

Here are the functions of each of them:

Ray Ban Sale
Ray Ban Sale

-The gray reduces the light intensity and unifies the colors without denaturing them. This hue is suitable for astigmatism. It is particularly suitable for water sports, golf and hiking.

-The brown diminishes the glare and improves the contrasts. This shade is suitable for someone who is myopia. It is recommended for the practice of walking, running and mountain sports.

-Green provides a good vision of contrasts, respects colors and limits visual fatigue. It is suitable for lens wearers and farsighted people. This shade is suitable for golf and tennis.

Yellow (for night driving) or orange (for daytime driving) reduce glare and greatly increase contrast. These colors will also be suitable for mountain biking or mountain sports.

To choose the shade of your glasses, do not hesitate to try Ray Ban outlet all at your optician. Then buy the one that puts you most at ease on Black Friday.

Ray Ban Sale
Ray Ban Sale

An underestimated danger

Only 71% of French people have a pair of sunglasses and not all of them wear them all the time. However, it is strongly recommended to wear them when the brightness becomes troublesome, even when the weather is cloudy and the danger of the sun less obvious. This allows for better protection and prevents premature aging of the retina.

For the record, do not forget to check that the Ray Ban Sale are stamped CE (in conformity with the European regulation), and that they carry a protection index (classified from 0 to 4).

Cheap Ray Bans UK, Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet

Cheap Ray Bans UK are the indispensable complement for a modern woman. Letizia, who boasts of modernity,  knows this very well. Since she became a princess she has worn different models and brands. And is that this accessory always gives a touch of glamor and if it also disguises some bad look, much better.

Felipe VI’s wife often uses sunglasses in her few days of summer holidays in Majorca, in the long military parades or in outdoor commitments. However, sometimes he has committed some slip and has appeared in an act with glasses hanging from the channel.

Cheap Ray Bans UK
Cheap Ray Bans UK

The Queen follows the trends and that is also evident in her choice of sunglasses. From the mythical aviator Ray Bans cheap has gone to the polarized crystals of low-cost firms. Now it seems that he has found a taste for the designs of Hugo Boss and Carolina Herrera. Review the collection of sunglasses by Dona Letizia with Vanitatis.

The weight, its structure, the label and even the glass give us information about the originality of the product purchased

The world of replicas is so parallel to that of official products that sometimes only for the price you can know if an acquisition is counterfeit or not. For example, in sunglasses the offer is very wide and neither one nor two are buying their favorite models for a considerably lower price.

But, please pay attention, because as you already know the guarantee of a product of these characteristics is the consequence that can have on the user’s view in the short term. For example, we compare some great Cheap Ray Bans UK that we see in an optician and others in a flea market. Do we know how to differentiate them?

The first thing that differs is the weight. When you pick one and another you see that the originals have a higher weight. These have metal supports on the arms that increase their weight. In addition, its structure is formed by a single piece and are polished by hand. See if you have any sewing.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the label. Sunglasses with polarized lenses, on the label next to the brand and logo appears the word polariced and or the already known 100% protection UVA. In addition, the originals have engravings on the bridge and on the bridge. In the first one the word Ray Ban appears and in the width of the lens, probably with acronyms. You will find model, color and even number of the structure in the pin.

Cheap Ray Bans UK
Cheap Ray Bans UK

What glasses he wears?Some fake Ray Bans Wayfarer. Why they are iconic? Because “Wayfarer” is the second word (the first is “aviator”) when someone thinks of iconic and unmistakable sunglasses. This design by Cheap Ray Bans UK, presented for the first time in 1952, shows how to take advantage of acetate with a recognizable silhouette, metallic details and a multitude of possible finishes. Here, Kennedy takes them in a statement of sport and relaxed intentions. Since then, the cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses is a classic of pop culture.

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Choose a stylish and practical Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, not only to cover the glare of the sun when you go out, travel, but also a must-have item for fashion people with outstanding style. Fashion women have been trying to dress themselves up with cool sunglasses, or mysterious, or cute…

Cheap Ray Bans
Cheap Ray Bans

In the past two years, the big sunglasses that have been popular still occupy the fashion stage. Its slightly exaggerated style requires a high degree of clothing. Let’s take a look at how to mix and match all the way to make sunglasses play a big role.

This year’s fashion Cheap Ray Bans glasses still hold the retro banner, calling on the beauty to continue to learn from the fashion originator Hepburn. No matter which optical store you walk into, you can see the big sunglasses that are very eye-catching. The oversized gel frame is fitted with glamorous dark red, brown powder, and grey gradient lenses. A sexy figure is decorated with engraving around the bridge of the nose, and a fashion girl is released.

Sunglasses with integrated lenses shape the three-dimensional sense of facial features. The semi-enclosed frame makes the eyes deeper and more charming. The streamlined metal mirror and hooded short jacket not only visually stretches the body, but also adds a touch of coolness to you.

Cheap Ray Bans
Cheap Ray Bans

Wildness makes you cool

Fashion, avant-garde, rebellious, unruly, healthy, energetic, dynamic, infinite, mysterious, introverted, arrogant, maverick, passionate, wild, domineering, sharp and fascinating…

Have you thought about it, these very contrasting words can be found in sunglasses. The hibernating sun finally woke up. The terrible ultraviolet rays are rushing to get in touch with the white skin once and for all. To stay away from its lethality, it is also necessary to show the personality of the fashionable personality. Sunglasses are undoubtedly the first choice. So, in this season of sunshine, do you choose a pair of sunglasses that represent fashion, practicality and personality?

When pairing with Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses, you should pay attention to the overall effect of hair and fashion. For excursions and informal gatherings, you can choose thick-framed plastic glasses with exaggerated style. When you are officially dating, the crystal clear frame is the first choice. This season’s super large thick frame plastic glasses is also a must.

The easiest way to buy and maintain sunglasses: Sunglasses should be “showy and not dazzling.” Poor quality sunglasses can cause eye strain and even dizziness. Therefore, you should try to buy some famous brands. In addition to the above mentioned, more well-known are Ray-Ban, CALVIN KLEIN, Oakley and so on.

If you are a driving family, you should pay special attention to the quality of the glasses. If you are a nearsighted person, don’t worry, you can use the buckle to change. It has the shape of “seeing people” on the glasses, and now it is out of date.

Ray Bans Outlet, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Black Friday Sales

In the summer, under the scorching sun, there is no more good sunshade than Ray Bans Outlet sunglasses. This little pair of accessories is enough to see the dressing style of New Yorkers. Therefore, the stunning effect of each appearance depends on these two ink lenses…

Ray Bans Outlet
Ray Bans Outlet

This season, two British designers: Giles Deacon and Erdem collaborated with Cutler & Gross. Introducing two sunglasses collections that are rich in British vintage. Like the Kurt rock style of Kurt, you can choose Giles. So if you like Lennon’s hippie style in the 1960s, you can choose Erdem.

Designer Erdem Moralioglu is a famous British fashion designer who studied at the Royal College of Art and won the British Fashion Award. The design is known for its color, optimism and peculiarity.

The collection is inspired by the bright and colorful colors of Japanese female fishermen.

Set off in the style of the sixties, with bright colors, giving a classic nostalgic but a bit of fashion. The colors are available in Black, Humble Potato, Dark Turtle, and Color Print.

Giles Deacon is a famous British fashion designer. He has worked with several top brands such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Tom Ford and more. In February 2002, he launched the personal brand series Giles, which attracted much attention. Giles Deacon has won several awards, including the prestigious British Fashion Awards and the French ANDAM Design Awards.

The series of design styles are exaggerate and bold, giving a feeling of romance, extreme and drama. It is like a record of the young age. The colors are lively and colorful, with pink, silver, black (Liquorice) and jaguar (Leopard).

A generous and graceful sunglasses is a rare magic weapon for fashion people. And the creative sunglasses on the show floor during this time are more eye-catching. Subsequently, the designers of major brands have also pursued the pursuit of victory, the introduction of strange ideas and new ideas of sunglasses.

The most representative is LINDA FARROW. In the 1970s, the British fashion designer Linda Farrow, who was a singer in London’s fashion circle, was loved by Yoko Ono, the wife of the Beating Four lead singer John Lennon. In turn, it has attracted the attention of fashion circles. He teamed up with American ghost designer JEREMY SCOTT. The classic cartoon character MICKEY MOUSE styling combines humor and fashion.

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Ray Bans Outlet
Ray Bans Outlet

To be honest, this suit looks really a bit too casual, much like a combination of casual upper body for being late in a date. The combination of sunglasses is cleverly avoiding the excessive sense of randomness, while at the same time it can hide the lack of spiritual appearance. Lovely Ali Michael, the typical street playfulness is heartfelt. Ray Bans Outlet Sunglasses looks very laid back.

Purple Ray Bans Outlet sunglasses usually give people an elegant and noble impression with ethnic style dresses. But people have the impression of being casual and feminine. The winding necklace is the most attractive place in the styling, and the uniformity and balance of the sunglasses add to the styling. The white border of the big sunglasses has a beautiful echo with the white of the top. The black and white red three-color ratio is well controlled. Therefore, it looks both retro and cute.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans, Wholesale 2018 New Ray Ban‎

Bob Dylan always carried the Cheap Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer. The mythical Oliver’s Goldsmith that Audrey Hepburn wore at Breakfast with Diamonds. The oval and white, signed by Christian Roth, immortalized by Kurt Cobain. Sunglasses are no longer limited to protecting the sight. Also, they have become a way to elevate it to an object of worship.

We select 15 models that will help you to dress your eyes with the latest proposals of the firms. From mounts more timeless to acetate, passing through designs in the shape of an aviator and risen colors, these glasses adapt to all eyes.

Sunglasses for women

Round frame, from Cheap Fake Ray Bans. A fun glasses for those looks that do not like to go unnoticed. With round glass, the acetate frame in black and transparent gradient gives a lot of personality thanks to that light shape of ‘cat eye’.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans
Cheap Fake Ray Bans

Glasses type ‘Kurt Cobain’, 7X. The iconic saddle that marked the style of the leader of the band Nirvana has been one of the most reedited and imitated since last summer. In Asos they can be found in the firm 7X, in beige and with dark crystals.

Aviator model, by Urban Outfitters. The classic aviator model in gold frame, but with a current point thanks to the colored crystals that became fashionable last summer. Mainly, with two of the trend tones, pink and yellow.

Acetate glasses, by Hawkers. The Chrome Nobu of one of the Spanish firms of glasses par excellence is dressed in aquamarine in this matte acetate frame to put your look in tune with the summer. From heat to scratches, they resist everything you throw at them. A must of your suitcase this holiday.

Gafas Flavia, by Gloria Ortiz. The hawksbill is a classic on the frames of sunglasses and is among the favorite basics of Meghan Markle. The firm Gloria Ortiz reinvents this motif in a two-tone format, combining it with a nude color in the lower part of the glasses that helps soften the tone.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans
Cheap Fake Ray Bans

Cheap Ray Ban Clubmaster Classic, one of the timeless models par excellence

The design inspired by the 50s that brought figures such as Malcolm X retains its classic frame and updates its crystals, polarized in green, to adapt to current trends.

Cheap Ray Bans Aviator, one of the most classic models. Its crystals protect from UVA, UVB and UVC rays and are classified with UV400 protection. Its frame is light and resistant, so in addition to being ideal for driving. They can also be used in outdoor activities. They include a case, a carrying bag, cleaning cloth. A small screwdriver key chain to adjust the glasses when necessary.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans, similar to the previous model of half mount, but with a plastic front frame and thin metal temples. They are slightly tinted in a gray tone. However, they offer a very limited reduction of the sun’s reflection, so they are more thought to look like accessory.

Buy Cheap Real Ray Bans Outlet Sale Online

He has been everywhere during the last week. In memes, in news, in pictures of your WhatsApp groups. King Philip VI in a pinstripe suit, blue tie and a little atomic black sunglasses. The image appeared exclusively in the magazine Hello! and the news behind it was that the monarch had left “incognito” to a plan with some friends. With that “work suit” (sic) and those glasses, people liked the idea of going unnoticed like that. Where is the King that we do not see him? A bit like Clark Kent: a man with cheap real Ray Bans glasses is already automatically another man, one who can not be identified.

We’re left with the cheap real Ray Bans glasses this time, do not you think it’s a bit strange?

The style of his sunglasses reminds a lot of that trend that invaded our lives in the late 90s and early 2000s. Those dark glasses, acetate, with curved crystals, very long and an aesthetic between futuristic and sporty, were everywhere. It was the time of nu metal (surely you remember the guitarist of the Korn group with similar glasses) and the boom of the Ray-Ban Predator, the model of the movie ‘Men in Black’. They were stylized, dark, far from the retro aesthetic of classic sunglasses.

Cheap Real Ray Bans
Cheap Real Ray Bans

From that same time we remember how we wanted to wear Arnette and Oakley sunglasses that are, precisely, two of the favorite brands of King Felipe VI. Because the reality is that practically always has worn that type of glasses: a complement designed for sports use, for snow, to go by boat. The things the king does, the things that kings do in general. So it’s not a look, this supposedly incognito, strange in the monarch’s style book. We have seen him with polarized glasses, with colored glasses, special to navigate, technical style … Two of his reference brands are Bollé (French) and Errebé, a Spanish brand that has been wearing several years.

Most of the time it has taken them in appropriate contexts: doing sports, on a boat, competing, going out there on a free day with the family. But its use with the suit of last week is a small step back: they are not the most appropriate glasses to wear with suit. In fact, they are exactly the glasses that we should never wear with a suit. Those and some of those with a built-in nose, two options that do not.

Cheap Real Ray Bans
Cheap Real Ray Bans

Cheap real Ray Bans glasses suitable to wear with a suit, to go out to eat with friends, for a work meeting?

The maxim is very simple: the more classic and simpler, the better. There are models that were manufactured before others and that, in addition, continue selling, for a reason: its effectiveness has been demonstrated. Glasses type Aviator (also in its version of pasta) or Clubmaster always refer to a more refined aesthetic. In general, models that adapt to your face but are simple: square or round metal and without excess. Forget the fluorine colors, the impossible sizes, the mirrored crystals or with too powerful colors. If you decide on some type of pattern, try the traditional ones, like Havana.

For a simple explanation, let’s turn to our particular GQ-style bible: David Beckham. What would David do in this situation? And we found this answer. To go to the snow, the former soccer player uses glasses very similar to the last ones that Felipe VI has worn. To put on a suit, instead, choose a more classic cheap real Ray Bans Clubmaster type. You can not explain it better, here goes:

Cheap Real Ray Bans
Cheap Real Ray Bans

The truth is that King Philip VI has already worn on other occasions suit with sunglasses and has hit, so it’s just a matter of adjusting a little. Maybe it was a slip last week, maybe it is that really wanted to go unnoticed and mislead us all. Or maybe he saw the new one from The Avengers and it would come a little up. We do not blame him for that.

Fake Ray Bans Round, Save Up To 70% Off

Round lenses are no stranger to us. The most representative figure is John Lennon. In fact, many old movies can also see a lot of people wearing such sunglasses, or ordinary glasses. It is undeniable that Fake Ray Bans Round is really a very good vintage sunglasses, but its exposure is extremely frequent. At this time, there are always some people who like to be maverick.

Fake Ray Bans Round
Fake Ray Bans Round

Fake Ray Bans Round sunglasses are a good choice. It is the cutest item in the retro trend. The round makes it look very playful. A large number of round sunglasses appeared on both the T-stage and the street shot. And with the frequent appearances of the Olsen sisters and Sienna Miller, it once again pushed it to the forefront of fashion.

On the fall/winter 2009 stage, perhaps the big and gorgeous accessories let you ignore this inconspicuous round sunglasses. Proenza Schouler has a little metal-framed sunglasses in the mechanical age. You can say that it is a product of science fiction movies, or it can be said that it is full of futuristic beauty, and even a bit like an alien. Dries Van Noten and Ralph Lauren also have black sunglasses. The key design is the frame, Noten is biased towards coolness, and Lauren is retro with aristocratic.

This season, round sunglasses are the authentic choice for rock and roll.

There are also many people on the street who fall in love with it. Most people take a simple route, paired with retro glasses, and pull the wind. The old film bridge reappears and looks very casual, but it can bring a powerful atmosphere. If you don’t take the fashion route, there are still many choices. In the selection of frames, there are actually many people who like circular glasses with color frames. Like Ray ban, the fluorescent colors look very youthful.

When people all over the world are wearing fake Ray Bans Wayfarer sunglasses, if you want to be surprising, round-frame sunglasses are really a good choice. Retro trend, and it looks very interesting. Or it can be said that there is an effect of changing mood.

When you choose a frame, you still need to decide based on your face. Some people like more complicated designs, while others think that simple models are suitable. For the choice of lenses, the gradient is more fashionable. Dark colors are still elegant, while light colors look avant-garde. You need to match your personal outfit.

Fake Ray Bans Round
Fake Ray Bans Round

Please note: Round face people should not easily try round frame glasses, especially the perfect circle. You can consider some sunglasses that are too long or slightly curved.

For clothes, in fact, the choice of simple basic models is OK. Because the focus is on the glasses, don’t let the clothes take too much focus. Neutral style or modern fluent design will not make the whole look dull. If it is a party, consider comparing the modern retro disco style with some metal elements, which looks very glamourous.

Fake Ray Bans Round sunglasses are also perfect for a holiday, casual and casual. Change your mood and walk with the sun.

Buy Authentic Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap

An easily recognizable design with the ends of the glasses inclined towards the temples or pointy. This type of almond-shaped Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap suits many types of faces: oval, triangular, square or heart-shaped like Scarlett Johansson or Beyoncé. Models like Gigi Haidin follow this trend and have popularized this type of glasses.

Retro style Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap cat eyes

Polarized lenses eliminate reflections and reduce eye fatigue.

Available in various colors to match your clothes.

Lenses 100% uv400 protection, Block 100% harmful grape, UVB radiation up to 400 nm.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap
Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap

‘Cat-eyes’ style Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap with gold metal frame -100% UV protection

Frame and arms of shiny golden metal

Pink crystal accents on the top of the frame and ends

Pink mirror glasses that give 100% UV protection.

Tansle sunglasses with diamond lens 60 mm – various colors

Tansle brand sunglasses each pair come with hard protective goggles zipper & suede case and carrying bag and small and repair kit.

Polarized lenses drop test ball and FDA certification filter deviate light and remove disc and highlight specular so light is softer and provides your eyes a comfortable, provide UV protection, slow down aging eyes speed and make you get rid of fatigue.

Available in five tones

Round glasses go well to all face types except round faces, for obvious reasons. The Lennon style has inspired designs with lenses of different colors and frames that contrast.

Round glasses with polarized or totally dark lenses, inspired by John Lennon glasses. This design does not suit everyone, if you have an oval or slightly elongated face.

Retro style sunglasses

UV400 AND POLARIZED LENSES. UV400 protective coating blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays. Polarized lenses reduce glare reflected off roads, bodies of water, snow and other horizontal surfaces. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scatter light and protect eyes perfectly.

Reinforced hinge springs. We use spring hinges to improve your comfort when wearing glasses, making the arms fit better to your face, without feeling too tight.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap
Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap

Aviator Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap

The aviator glasses popularized by Ray Ban in 1937 were created precisely to provide a clear and refined vision for the pilots. In 1986, thanks to the premiere of the movie Tòp Gun with Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, this eyewear design became fashionable again and for a couple of years now it has been the most successful glasses among celebrities: Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer López are fans of the glasses.

Jackie was great, who was the trend in the 60s oversize or large glasses. If you have a round or elongated face, you will be fine. But otherwise these glasses instead of enhancing your face will make you look like ” a fly’.

Coating of polarized lenses – 100% UV400 protection, blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays. Polarized Sunglasses reduce reflected glare Off roads, bodies of water, snow and other horizontal surfaces. They eliminate reflected light and diffuse light and protect the eyes Perfectly. Polarized sunglasses can cut the glare and Haze, so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.

The mount acquires prominence, jewel type ornaments, wood finishes, or in different colors are added. They are ‘whimsical’ glasses to match with a dress or set on special days. If you like to set trends, these glasses are definitely a bet.

Glasses that look like a ‘Hollywood diva’, you have them in various shades.

High Quality Fake Ray Bans Sale Online

Says high quality fake Ray Bans in its spring and summer 2018 campaign that ‘Destination Everywhere’. We love it because what better destination than anywhere in the world? Life is like you look at it and to look at it with good eyes.

The trends in sunglasses for women 2018 are inspired by the vintage style of the 50s. Aviator style models, glasses with ‘cat eyes’, glasses with tinted windows and frames with design. If you need new glasses before buying check out these trends, from brands like Miau Miau, Ray Ban, Mr Boho or Vogue. In Digital Journalist, we tell you the most popular sunglasses in 2018.

High Quality fake Ray Bans
High Quality fake Ray Bans

The spring and summer campaign of 2018 high quality fake Ray Bans is the work and art of the well-known fashion photographer Steven Klein. Soo Joo Park, Constanze Saemann, Markel Williams and Austin Kellogg are facing each other from each of the new Ray-Ban models that are included in these collections: The Marshal, fake Ray Bans Wayfarer Blaze, cheap Ray Bans Aviator Evolve and Hexagonal shades.

High Quality fake Ray Bans
High Quality fake Ray Bans

The bottom of the campaign is a road without beginning or end crossing the desert. What greater mystery than a place like this to take it for destiny?  A road to nowhere and the Ray-Ban from which Soo Joo Park, Constanze Saemann, Markel Williams and Austin Kellogg look at are also to go anywhere.

The glasses of actresses of the 50s like Audrey Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe, the aviator glasses of Top Gun, or the round ones of John Lennon. The vintage or retro trend (objects made with modern technology but recreating old designs) inspires different designs in glasses for this season.

High Quality Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a more fashionable complement and like having several pairs of shoes or belts. The same thing happens with glasses, they help create your look. In Digital Journalist, we present different trends and recommendations according to face type.

There is a seasonal trend that is confirmed in Ray-Ban’s latest proposals. The big glasses are worn and the aviator frames are kept as essential classics. Do you like perfectly square glasses? Of more subtle geometry, maybe? Round ones Harry Potter style? the form is the least, the more is the size, which this season matters a lot. We also discovered a variety of materials and textures in the frames and the level of color and darkness in the glasses, where the trends of the moment accept almost everything.

High Quality fake Ray Bans
High Quality fake Ray Bans

If you like big glasses, you will suffer to choose only one pair of high quality fake Ray Bans. If on the other hand you insist on small crystals, keep yours as gold in cloth. It will not be easy to replace them this season.

New Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer Sale

Do not underestimate the transformative power of glasses in a style. In addition to fulfilling its function of protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays, fake Ray Bans Wayfarer are a fantastic stylistic resource to elevate a certain look. Of course it does not work either. When choosing a model, there are two variables to consider: the shape of your face and the style that best represents you.

Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer
Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer

Ray Ban created to reduce the possible glare of pilots before the Second World War reached. Its popularity in the 80s. Thanks to the successful film ‘Top Gun’ and since then they have become a classic.

Thanks to their angular frames, they feel better to the round faces. They manage to lengthen them. Their defined style fits perfectly in casual outfits whether in beach mode or in the big city.

At the beginning of the 20th century, round-rimmed glasses became a real madness. Afterwards, they became a symbol of eccentricity, but their versatility to adapt to more formal outfits as well as to other carefree ones has made them regain points.

Noticeably smaller than any other model, they can not occupy the entire face. They feel especially good to people with diamond or heart faces because they help balance the wide foreheads or lower parts of the face if needed, in the same way they soften the angles of square faces.

Geometric shapes are the key of this season. In the male section, there is a clear commitment to symmetrical and precise figures.

Alessandro Michelle is one of those who bet strongly for his return two seasons ago. What’s more, now there are many houses that have followed in his footsteps.

Avoid them if your face is already square. You will only harden the features and opt for them better if you are oval or round. Because they allude to an additional definition.

Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer are considered the excellent model to exude sex appeal

With a straight and sharp cut at the top, they fit with round or oval faces, since the angular frames lengthen the face noticeably.

Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer
Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer

Designed for high mountains or for practices such as skateboarding, they now become favorites to walk around the city. Many firms have adapted these models that combine the aesthetic function and technological research, with geometric shapes, graphics and colors that play with bright and vivacious tonalities as well as classic black or tortoiseshell.

Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer bring comfort due to their lightness. The sizes are predetermined by the sports practice for which they were designed.

Here the restrictions are not marked by the shape of the face. Although fake Ray Bans Wayfarer are conceived beyond the sports field, they deserve to be reserved in casual contexts.