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Says high quality fake Ray Bans in its spring and summer 2018 campaign that ‘Destination Everywhere’. We love it because what better destination than anywhere in the world? Life is like you look at it and to look at it with good eyes.

The trends in sunglasses for women 2018 are inspired by the vintage style of the 50s. Aviator style models, glasses with ‘cat eyes’, glasses with tinted windows and frames with design. If you need new glasses before buying check out these trends, from brands like Miau Miau, Ray Ban, Mr Boho or Vogue. In Digital Journalist, we tell you the most popular sunglasses in 2018.

High Quality fake Ray Bans
High Quality fake Ray Bans

The spring and summer campaign of 2018 high quality fake Ray Bans is the work and art of the well-known fashion photographer Steven Klein. Soo Joo Park, Constanze Saemann, Markel Williams and Austin Kellogg are facing each other from each of the new Ray-Ban models that are included in these collections: The Marshal, fake Ray Bans Wayfarer Blaze, cheap Ray Bans Aviator Evolve and Hexagonal shades.

High Quality fake Ray Bans
High Quality fake Ray Bans

The bottom of the campaign is a road without beginning or end crossing the desert. What greater mystery than a place like this to take it for destiny?  A road to nowhere and the Ray-Ban from which Soo Joo Park, Constanze Saemann, Markel Williams and Austin Kellogg look at are also to go anywhere.

The glasses of actresses of the 50s like Audrey Hepburn, or Marilyn Monroe, the aviator glasses of Top Gun, or the round ones of John Lennon. The vintage or retro trend (objects made with modern technology but recreating old designs) inspires different designs in glasses for this season.

High Quality Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a more fashionable complement and like having several pairs of shoes or belts. The same thing happens with glasses, they help create your look. In Digital Journalist, we present different trends and recommendations according to face type.

There is a seasonal trend that is confirmed in Ray-Ban’s latest proposals. The big glasses are worn and the aviator frames are kept as essential classics. Do you like perfectly square glasses? Of more subtle geometry, maybe? Round ones Harry Potter style? the form is the least, the more is the size, which this season matters a lot. We also discovered a variety of materials and textures in the frames and the level of color and darkness in the glasses, where the trends of the moment accept almost everything.

High Quality fake Ray Bans
High Quality fake Ray Bans

If you like big glasses, you will suffer to choose only one pair of high quality fake Ray Bans. If on the other hand you insist on small crystals, keep yours as gold in cloth. It will not be easy to replace them this season.

New Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer Sale

Do not underestimate the transformative power of glasses in a style. In addition to fulfilling its function of protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays, fake Ray Bans Wayfarer are a fantastic stylistic resource to elevate a certain look. Of course it does not work either. When choosing a model, there are two variables to consider: the shape of your face and the style that best represents you.

Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer
Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer

These glasses that the house Ray Ban created to reduce the possible glare of pilots before the Second World War reached its popularity in the 80s. Thanks to the successful film ‘Top Gun’ and since then they have become a classic that it never gets old-fashioned.

Thanks to their angular frames, they feel better to the round faces. They manage to lengthen them. Their defined style fits perfectly in casual outfits whether in beach mode or in the big city.

At the beginning of the 20th century, round-rimmed glasses became a real madness. Afterwards, they became a symbol of eccentricity, but their versatility to adapt to more formal outfits as well as to other carefree ones has made them regain points.

Being noticeably smaller than any other model, they can not occupy the entire face so they are able to provide a more kind and smooth to those who are encouraged to wear them. They feel especially good to people with diamond or heart faces because they help balance the wide foreheads or lower parts of the face if needed, in the same way they soften the angles of square faces.

Geometric shapes are the key of this season. While in the collections of women are called “cat’s eye” , the most will be seen in the coming months. In the male section, there is a clear commitment to symmetrical and precise figures.

Alessandro Michelle is one of those who bet strongly for his return two seasons ago. What’s more, now there are many houses that have followed in his footsteps.

Avoid them if your face is already square. You will only harden the features and opt for them better if you are oval or round because they allude to an additional definition.

For something, cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer are considered the excellent model to exude sex appeal.

With a straight and sharp cut at the top, they fit with round or oval faces, since the angular frames lengthen the face noticeably.

Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer
Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer

Designed for high mountains or for practices such as skateboarding, they now become favorites to walk around the city. Many firms have adapted these models that combine the aesthetic function and technological research, with geometric shapes, graphics and colors that play with bright and vivacious tonalities as well as classic black or tortoiseshell.

Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer bring comfort due to their lightness. The sizes are predetermined by the sports practice for which they were designed.

Here the restrictions are not marked by the shape of the face but the occasion for which they are going to be used. Although fake Ray Bans Wayfarer are conceived beyond the sports field, they deserve to be reserved in casual contexts not at all formal.

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Remember Steve Boswell, General Manager of frog design and design Asia Pacific, spoke to Google Glass? As a regional manager of a top design company, he also worked at fashion fast-moving consumer goods companies such as GAP. His views on Google Glass are: “About Google Glass, first of all, its shape really needs to be improved, because it is really ugly. You see the people in Silicon Valley wearing Google Glass know how ridiculous it is and how ugly it is.” (source)

However, the situation may change afterwards. After the release of prescription glasses to facilitate myopia, Google announced an alliance with Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica. Luxottica, with its famous eyewear brands such as Best Fake Ray Bans and Oakley, will help Google design, develop and promote Google Glass.

Whether it’s a hardcore movie like “Terminator”, “Top Gun”, “Black Man”, “Batman”, or a romantic book like “Roman Holiday” and “Tiffany’s Breakfast”, Ray-Ban glasses Become an important element in the film. On the track of the Tour de France, in the NBA’s arena, or in the movies of “The Matrix” and “Spider-Man”, Oakley glasses also became a landscape.

For Google, the addition of Luxottica can solve the fashion problems of their Google Glass and lead to mass consumers. In Luxottica’s view, Google Glass represents another potential opportunity for the eyewear industry. Andrea Guerra, CEO of Luxottica, said that they have been working with Google since last year.

Obviously, Google Glass has not yet become a mass consumer product like a smartphone. It is not mature in terms of price and function. At the same time, Geek’s shape makes it a fun thing for technology lovers, but it is not seen. Will be accepted by the public. Therefore, Luxottica’s help in designing Google Glass for Google may mean that this product, which has been available for nearly two years, is a step closer to consumers.

Luxottica is not willing to disclose details of the details of the cooperation between the two parties. The only certainty is that Oakley and Best Fake Ray Bans designers will work with Google’s design to design a new Google Glass instead of simply combining Google Glass with cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Then we can imagine that the Google Glass sunglasses afterwards may be more integrated and the body will be smaller.

The benefits that Luxottica can bring to Google Glass are not just the growth of design. The Italian manufacturer with 12.4% share in the glasses market (2012) has about 5,000 offline retail stores in the US. It can become a place for Google Glass to sell and solve sales problems.

Google Glass, which is still in the developer version, doesn’t know when to launch the consumer version, but even the developer version, Google Glass has sold a lot, so Fobes calls it the “giant Kickstarter fundraising plan.” It is expected that during the research and development phase, Google Glass will raise $50 million to improve its products.

Best Fake Ray Bans
Best Fake Ray Bans

Inside Google, they are also discussing the pricing issue of the consumer version of Google Glass, and they hope to start selling Google Glass at the end of this year. At that time, Best Fake Ray Bans sunglasses in movies like “Black Man” may have to be replaced.

Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most common items in our daily life. Wearing sunglasses can not only resists the glare, but also makes people look cool. When you go to the street or go on your holiday, you can enjoy the sun by wearing Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses. In the morning, when the sun rises, and in the evening when the sun sets, driver’s vision will be disturbed by the light. People will wear a pair of sunglasses to solve this problem. However, some people said that “the vision will become different while wearing sunglasses”, so even if the light is glaring, they will not wear sunglasses when driving. So do you need to wear sunglasses when driving? What kind of sunglasses is more reliable?

Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

For this product test, we have prepared several sunglasses (or night driving mirrors), some of them are ordinary Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses purchased by e-commerce, and some of them are brand-name high-end goods used by our colleagues. These two types of sunglasses are divided into polarized and non-polarized, so four sets of sunglasses are obtained, namely: ordinary non-polarized, ordinary polarized, advanced non-polarized and advanced polarized.

After a brief introduction of these sunglasses, some students may ask “What is a polarizer? What is the role of polarizing?” Here’s what the polarizer is.

The lenses of polarized sunglasses have a polarizing effect. What is the polarizing effect? Simply put, the sun’s light travel in space, the direction of the light is arbitrary, and the scattered light is easy to form some dazzling glare. Glare includes reflected light from tarmac, reflections on the interior of a car windshield, reflected light from snow, reflected light from the surface, and so on.

These lights are easily reflected by people’s lines of sight because of the disorderly random reflections. Therefore, smart people want to use a technique to “snap” the light to block the harmful light reflected by the disorder, but it does not block visible light. In this way, the light transmitted through the polarizing lens becomes plane-polarized light, that is, the transmitted light is all in the same plane. And the messy light that is easy to cause glare is blocked outside the polarized lens, which is similar to the blinds. Therefore, people add tiny metal powder (iron, copper, nickel, etc.) to the lens to absorb, reflect, and cancel the cluttered light, thereby preventing them from passing through the lens. Such a lens is called a polarized lens.

When the Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses are grouped, we group them according to whether they have a polarizing function. In addition to marking the “POLARIZED” polarizer on the product description, we can also perform polarized light testing with a polarizing test card and a liquid crystal display.

Almost all Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses come with a polarized test card. Through the polarized sunglasses, observe the pattern on the test card, you can see the complete pattern, not visible through the polarizer. The test principle is very simple, that is, the test card is also a polarization card with polarization. The light passes through the polarizing card to form plane polarized light. When the plane polarized light reaches the polarized sunglasses, the polarization plate angle of the polarization test card is perpendicular to the sunglass lens, so The plane polarized light cannot pass through the sunglasses, the test card appears black, and the graphic is displayed. Take the blinds as an example. The normal blinds transmit the horizontal light, and the rest of the light is blocked. The polarized test card is equivalent to placing the two blinds vertically to form a “well” shape, so that the light cannot pass through. (source

Yellow Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses For Driving

Sunglasses with yellow lenses

Lately it is becoming fashionable to announce Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses with yellow crystals. They are supposed to be the panacea for driving and practicing sports such as cycling, hunting, etc. Its effectiveness is real, but under certain conditions.

According to experts in optics, yellow filters increase the contrast sensitivity of the eye, which increases visual acuity in mesopic conditions. To understand what this means we have to know a little about how the eye works. Simplifying a lot, it could be said that there are two types of sensors in the eyes: some work in normal light conditions and others, when there is very little light (they are known as cones and rods).

Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses

Yellow Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses for driving Yellow filters increase the brightness of the image. They are recommended to drive with fog and dark days.

If you notice, there is a point of the day where there is hardly any light and you stop distinguishing the colors, that is the threshold where some sensors stop working (the cones) and the others take the control (the canes). Yellow filters allow you to distinguish colors even in low light.

These crystals will be recommendable when we have to drive on foggy or very cloudy days, but they should not be used as sunglasses, because -precisely- they increase the luminosity. This does not mean that they allow us to see better at night: if there is no light, there is no luminosity to increase, so it is flatly false that they are advisable to drive at night. They are appropriate for twilight hours, but once the sun has completely gone, they should not be used.

It never ceases to amaze me the little attention we pay motorists in our eyes. Sight is the most important sense we have for our brain to gather the necessary information and make the appropriate decisions when we drive; Seeing well is a priority. I confess that I myself have fallen into this error and I took too long to check my vision to start to notice that I was tired enough driving and I fell asleep, even sometimes my head hurt (especially when driving with fog). The problem was that I was subjecting my brain to excessive work by having to correct the defects in my eyes, which made me take risks on the road without knowing it. My first advice is to check your eyesight in an optical, it is free and will not take more than 10 minutes.

If you have to use progressive lenses, it is important that you know that there are specific Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses to drive and that they are highly recommended if you spend many hours at the wheel, there are even specials for driving day and night.

The specific progressive lenses for driving during the day have a polarized filter to avoid the annoying reflections that we talked about in the section on sunglasses, while the specific progressive ones for the night do not have that polarized filter, but with a slight color to improve the contrast and luminosity. They use a filter called brown tone A.

Regarding the type of mount, it depends on the tastes of each one, but the so-called “air-mount” glasses have the advantage of not “framing” both our field of vision, reducing the dead angles of the eye. (source)

Ray Ban Outlet On Sale at Low Price

Ray Ban Outlet are more than just a complement. They come in a whole style statement. Choosing the right model is no small task. The variety of styles available in the market is considerable and there are many factors to take into account when acquiring a new one: shape, material, color and budget.

Finding the frame that best fits with a concrete face oval is also very complicated. There are very few faces that fit any type of glasses. One thing is clear: there are colors like black or hawksbill that combine perfectly not only with any face or skin type, but with any style. Those who seek to opt for these more classic options, will find this season colors such as electric blue, red-strong or off-or colors like the candy that Etnia Barcelona brings. In an infinite variety of shapes and materials.

The composition of a sunglasses is, precisely, synonymous with success at the time of choosing. This season it’s time to forget about those models made of wood and opt for materials such as metal – the revolution of the Ray Ban Outlet model causes a furor among the trendsetters – or the acetates that are light but resistant. Here is a small selection of designs that come stomping during this spring-summer.

Those with angular features, chiselled jaws or high cheekbones will also find in these designs a good way to invest in new sunglasses for the summer.

Let’s flee from that preconceived idea that round glasses are only meant for characters like Harry Potter or for Wally, the star of the famous comic book “Where’s Wally?”, And that oval, square or heart-shaped faces embrace These models also have their classic and timeless point. In acetate or metal, the round glasses are always subtle. And if not, tell Johnny Depp, who uses them until exhaustion.

These models stand out for their distinction. That is, they are a trend and a good way to show off the latest in design. Because summer is coming and nothing like receiving it in a futuristic key and out of series.

More than in the form, it is necessary to focus on the type of lens. Polarized glasses take several summers gaining ground to traditional models. Its crystals, sporty in appearance, now mix with the most brazen and innovative designs. Dior or the famous Polaroid dare with options as varied as these that fit with many types of faces.

In the hottest days of the year we take our true fashionista. Because at 40ºC not all it girls are able to put on all the trends and look pristine. We must reduce the weight of the looks and simplify them, the less clothing we wear on top. And that’s where we see the style to defend a basic. Yes, Dakota Johnson has it: that’s the only way we can explain that he is so fat in a gray basic shirt.

The actress has managed to inspire us to hit the basic among the basics: denim and cotton shirt. The key to styling is that oversize jean with a culotte cut and a wide belt in denim fabric, which has a very noventive overall look. The same goes for the top. We all know how complicated it is to find the perfect basic shirt, but she has managed to cut the bottom of the garment to make it croptop.

Ray Ban Outlet

Simple yes, but how does it work so well? Because she has known how to complement it as a diva. Ray Ban Outlet give the modern and sophisticated touch, which is supported by that burgundy handbag. And flat moccasins bring a more naive and preppy, achieving a balance of fashion forces that falls in love.

Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses for Men

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer (source)

If there is a known model of sunglasses in history, those are the cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which in 1953 broke with the established. They put aside the metal and opted for the plastic and managed to create glasses with a design that became popular. These were used by celebrities in the world and all kinds of people who wanted to wear emblematic glasses that have been widely imitated later. Ray Ban also allows you to customize many aspects related to the treatment of lenses.

Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Round RB3447 glasses by Ray Ban opt for the shape that was a great success in the counterculture of the 60s. With saddles, sideburns and terminals of shiny black metal and thin glasses become very light. Where they stand out is in their rounded flash lens degraded mirror that reflects everything on them and makes them a very popular and attractive model among people “hippie”. These lenses, in addition, are different in blue, orange and green so that each user chooses the ones that best suit their style.

The LP Summer Nassau is a model designed for summer because of its lively blue color ideal for beach, pool or country days. These glasses of the Spanish brand Goodbye, Rita do not stop surprising us for their current design and quality, features polycarbonate frames to make them light, flexible and resistant and polarized TAC lenses to protect from the sun and from impacts. All this makes them a low-cost model designed to be used even on the beach without fear of spoiling.

One of the classic Ray Ban models that triumphs especially among women are the Erika Classic. This is a basic accessory in women fashion and has an elegant and informal design so that it can be used in all kinds of situations. Their peculiar round shape and slightly larger lenses make them unique sunglasses. All this gives them extra protection against the sun’s rays. They also have a shiny rubber coating and metal rods.

The cheap Ray Bans Aviator Classic is another of the most recognized models in history. These were the ones that made the American manufacturer a reference. This model of glasses is reminiscent of those used by aviators while providing them with components that provide quality and comfort. The mount is gold and the lenses can be polarized, as well as changing the colors of the crystal and applying other treatments. A classic for any time.

Ray Ban is possibly the most famous sunglasses manufacturer in the world. This has models that are always synonymous with good dress and a taste for modern style. The RB4299 have a rounded square shape and a dynamic frame that gives them a very unique and unique look. Its structure is made of steel and rubber that has been over injected on bridge and sideburns. The lenses of Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses can be of a single color, as well as degraded or mirrored.

Buy Mini Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet Online

In Kendall Jenner’s recent street style, the same accessory, the mini sunglasses, appears frequently. Whether it is attending an event or traveling, ultra-small sunglasses are a must-have item for her travel. Sure enough, fashion is a reincarnation!(source

Did Kendall Jenner wearing mini sunglasses retrofit it immediately? In retrospect, the last episode of mini sunglasses was in the 90s! I don’t know if you have any impression of the cool girl Lilly in the old movie “Bad Girl”. Mini Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet is her favorite.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet

In the 1990s, the goddess of “pampering” mini sunglasses was quite a lot. The modern girls Lisa Bonet and Aaliyah were all the crowds of mini sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses that did not go out of the way was like the size of the oversized sunglasses. Regular, highlighting his extraordinary fashion temperament.

As the leader of the current fashion circle, Kendall’s dressing has always attracted people’s attention. After the high-waist jeans and white shoes, the mini sunglasses became her “good heart.” According to unscientific statistics, in Kendall’s 2017 street style, as long as wearing sunglasses, she will probably choose mini sunglasses.

Of course, mini sunglasses are not only Kendall’s love, fashion queen Rihanna, Kendo’s girlfriends Bella and k-sports are all “captured” by mini sunglasses… It’s no wonder that mini sunglasses are the hottest item this summer.

When it comes to retro, there is really nothing more than an “Ancient” model with a small round sunglasses. The small round frame is really too temperamental, and the beauty is ugly. Secondly, people who have no temperament will really have the feeling of “Two Springs Reflecting the Moon”, so although it is the most retro, it is also the most important. Carefully chosen.

Cat eye sunglasses are really retro than round sunglasses. However, in the past, we often saw large cat-eye sunglasses on the street shooting scene, especially the face is small, but this year, this super-lined cat-eye sunglasses should return the “big face plate” back to its original shape…

Color sunglasses is a major hit this year, don’t let COCO say more? Among them, the most popular color mini sunglasses that the stars like are the red lenses that are eye-catching wherever they go.

Unlike the rounded retro feel, the angular square sunglasses look a lot more futuristic. If the lens is made into a more reflective style, it looks more technical.

If the mini cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet with round frame can test your temperament, then the “word eyebrow” goggles could be another challenge! This style is roughly divided into two types, one is the style that Dior has pushed in the past, which is like 3D glasses, and the other is the sports glasses that many people have abandoned…

All in all, the mini cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet sunglasses are now popular in the fashion circle, but the little fairies really have to choose according to their own style, remember not to use too much force.

Shop for Cheap Ray Bans Clubmaster Here

The tech elite of Silicon Valley does not define its status with the typical outward signs of wealth.

You will not see Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, or other tech billionaires wearing luxury suits or Rolexes as their peers who have power in the rest of the entrepreneurial America.

Instead, they display their elite membership in another way – with sneakers and Cheap Ray Bans Clubmaster glasses.

Cheap Ray Bans Clubmaster

The Silicon Valley sunglasses are coming out of their cases at least once a year when CEO and senior tech executives come down to Sun Valley in Idaho for the annual Allen & Company conference. This is where executives display their “casual” style and spend time outdoors during what was named, “Summer Camp for Billionaires.”

At this conference, we were able to see the choice frames of sunglasses like Ben Silbermann, Evan Spiegel and Jack Dorsey. Whether it’s a pair of affordable Cheap Ray Bans Clubmaster eyewear or a pair of eye-catching Tom Fords, each pair of glasses gives a chance to show off his personal style – and in many cases, his wealth.

Clodagh Norton, the co-founder of Eyestylist, helped us put together this list of unique, trendy and rather expensive sunglasses. Although we have found some pictures of other leaders wearing glasses – such as Sheryl Sandberg and Susan Wojcicki – these have been difficult to identify. If anyone knows which brands they prefer, we are at your service.

Here are the stylish, expensive – and sometimes tasteless – sunglasses of the Silicon Valley bosses:

The TOMS sunglasses worn by Butterfield, CEO of Slack, are relatively affordable and have a touch of color.

The CEO of Y Combinator, 32 years old, makes his age well with this pair of Oakley. The glasses are named after their built-in hook that allows the wearer to attach them to his T-shirt for easy storage.

These Cheap Ray Bans Clubmaster sunglasses are currently out of stock on the Ray Ban website, but you can buy the pair at Nordstrom.

Spiegel, CEO of Snap, is wearing a pair of classic aviators. If you look closely you can see a touch of red on the top bar.

Twitter’s co-founder’s sunglasses are from an exclusive foreign brand. They are handmade in France and only sold in some shops.

Woodman, the founder and CEO of GoPro, seems relaxed with his pair of Loewe Wayfarers. The glasses seem to be out of stock everywhere for now, but go back here if you like them.

CEO of Pinterest, Silbermann, is inspired by the aesthetics of his business with this pair of sunglasses trend Oliver Peoples. The vintage-inspired frame comes in a variety of colors but Silbermann prefers them in black.

Apple’s Chief of Design remains true to his roots with this stylish pair of vintage aviators. And yes, the color of the glasses is aptly named “humble potato.”

Not exactly known for fashion-conscious tastes, Zuckerberg remains true to itself with perhaps the most classic pair of sunglasses on the market: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers.

Rose, the vice president of partnerships at Facebook, is wearing this traditional pair of Cutler and Gross. Unlike her boss, Rose’s tastes are much more upscale.

Bezos seems to have improved his style since last year. While his clothing tastes came closer to the “nerd of tech” than “the icon of fashion,” the founder of Amazon has displayed a new look at this conference of the Sun Valley, including his pair of sunglasses strangely trendy. The same pair was also spotted on model Bella Hadid.

Traveler Icon: Cheap Ray Bans Aviators

You can wear glasses just because they are nice, of course but if you also know where they come from, when they were born and how they got to you, you will realize that you are not wearing any sunglasses.

Therefore, before starting to name movies and actors right and left, let’s go to the heart of the matter: how it all began.

Advances in aviation allowed flying higher and higher and the sun’s flashes were very annoying for the pilots.

This is how those that once were called sunglasses with green Anti Glare lenses (that is, anti-glare or anti-glare) appeared. But the name was finally Ray-Ban. The initial plastic frame was replaced by a metal one, baptizing the model as Cheap Ray Bans Aviators.

Improvements were incorporated such as the gradient lens, with a special coating on the top for effective protection and a lower part to the air to see clearly the control panel of the aircraft.

The war ended, giving way to the 50s, which brought a new model of glasses with colored frames: the Wayfarer.

The Cheap Ray Bans Aviators adopted the spirit of change and revolution of the 60s, becoming a symbol of everything “anti”: anti-fashion, anti-class leader, anti-social …

Rock stars began to wear them in many of their appearances, making them the hallmark of iconoclasm.

It was the time of arcade games, MTV and Brat Pack. The Wayfarer co-starred in films such as Rogue at All Rhythm (1980) and Risky Business (1983).

In Top Gun (1986) he went back to the roots of the Ray-Ban Aviator with a sensational Tom Cruise in the role of Maverick – who does not remember the Danger Zone chords?

In 1986, the maverick played by Tom Cruise, with his Aviators, became a symbol of American cinema and nationalism.

The expansion of Ray-Ban brought Ray Ban Optical (for prescription lenses), Cheap Ray Bans Aviators and Ray-Ban Junior (the first exclusive collection for children aged 8 to 12).

The communication actions followed each other, always having the user at the center of their advertising campaigns, such as the famous Never Hide.

To this day, Ray-Ban is part of popular culture. You may continue to carry them in the same way as before you downloaded the page until the end of this text, but possibly now you feel in the clouds to know that they came to respond to an objective that we must all raise each day: FLY HIGHER.