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Bob Dylan always carried the Cheap Fake Ray Bans Wayfarer. The mythical Oliver’s Goldsmith that Audrey Hepburn wore at Breakfast with Diamonds. The oval and white, signed by Christian Roth, immortalized by Kurt Cobain. Sunglasses are no longer limited to protecting the sight. Also, they have become a way to elevate it to an object of worship.

We select 15 models that will help you to dress your eyes with the latest proposals of the firms. From mounts more timeless to acetate, passing through designs in the shape of an aviator and risen colors, these glasses adapt to all eyes.

Sunglasses for women

Round frame, from Cheap Fake Ray Bans. A fun glasses for those looks that do not like to go unnoticed. With round glass, the acetate frame in black and transparent gradient gives a lot of personality thanks to that light shape of ‘cat eye’.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans
Cheap Fake Ray Bans

Glasses type ‘Kurt Cobain’, 7X. The iconic saddle that marked the style of the leader of the band Nirvana has been one of the most reedited and imitated since last summer. In Asos they can be found in the firm 7X, in beige and with dark crystals.

Aviator model, by Urban Outfitters. The classic aviator model in gold frame, but with a current point thanks to the colored crystals that became fashionable last summer. Mainly, with two of the trend tones, pink and yellow.

Acetate glasses, by Hawkers. The Chrome Nobu of one of the Spanish firms of glasses par excellence is dressed in aquamarine in this matte acetate frame to put your look in tune with the summer. From heat to scratches, they resist everything you throw at them. A must of your suitcase this holiday.

Gafas Flavia, by Gloria Ortiz. The hawksbill is a classic on the frames of sunglasses and is among the favorite basics of Meghan Markle. The firm Gloria Ortiz reinvents this motif in a two-tone format, combining it with a nude color in the lower part of the glasses that helps soften the tone.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans
Cheap Fake Ray Bans

Cheap Ray Ban Clubmaster Classic, one of the timeless models par excellence

The design inspired by the 50s that brought figures such as Malcolm X retains its classic frame and updates its crystals, polarized in green, to adapt to current trends.

Cheap Ray Bans Aviator, one of the most classic models. Its crystals protect from UVA, UVB and UVC rays and are classified with UV400 protection. Its frame is light and resistant, so in addition to being ideal for driving. They can also be used in outdoor activities. They include a case, a carrying bag, cleaning cloth. A small screwdriver key chain to adjust the glasses when necessary.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans, similar to the previous model of half mount, but with a plastic front frame and thin metal temples. They are slightly tinted in a gray tone. However, they offer a very limited reduction of the sun’s reflection, so they are more thought to look like accessory.