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In Kendall Jenner’s recent street style, the same accessory, the mini sunglasses, appears frequently. Whether it is attending an event or traveling, ultra-small sunglasses are a must-have item for her travel. Sure enough, fashion is a reincarnation!(source

Did Kendall Jenner wearing mini sunglasses retrofit it immediately? In retrospect, the last episode of mini sunglasses was in the 90s! I don’t know if you have any impression of the cool girl Lilly in the old movie “Bad Girl”. Mini Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet is her favorite.

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In the 1990s, the goddess of “pampering” mini sunglasses was quite a lot. The modern girls Lisa Bonet and Aaliyah were all the crowds of mini sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses that did not go out of the way was like the size of the oversized sunglasses. Regular, highlighting his extraordinary fashion temperament.

As the leader of the current fashion circle, Kendall’s dressing has always attracted people’s attention. After the high-waist jeans and white shoes, the mini sunglasses became her “good heart.” According to unscientific statistics, in Kendall’s 2017 street style, as long as wearing sunglasses, she will probably choose mini sunglasses.

Of course, mini sunglasses are not only Kendall’s love, fashion queen Rihanna, Kendo’s girlfriends Bella and k-sports are all “captured” by mini sunglasses… It’s no wonder that mini sunglasses are the hottest item this summer.

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When it comes to retro, there is really nothing more than an “Ancient” model with a small round sunglasses. The small round frame is really too temperamental, and the beauty is ugly. Secondly, people who have no temperament will really have the feeling of “Two Springs Reflecting the Moon”, so although it is the most retro, it is also the most important.

Cat eye cheap Ray Ban sunglasses are really retro than round sunglasses. However, in the past, we often saw large cat-eye sunglasses on the street shooting scene, especially the face is small, but this year, this super-lined cat-eye sunglasses should return the “big face plate” back to its original shape…

Color sunglasses is a major hit this year, don’t let COCO say more? Among them, the most popular color mini sunglasses that the stars like are the red lenses that are eye-catching wherever they go.

Unlike the rounded retro feel, the angular square sunglasses look a lot more futuristic. If the lens is made into a more reflective style, it looks more technical.

If the mini cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet with round frame can test your temperament. Then the “word eyebrow” goggles could be another challenge! This style is roughly divided into two types, one is the style that Dior has pushed in the past, which is like 3D glasses, and the other is the sports glasses that many people have abandoned…

All in all, the mini cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet sunglasses are now popular in the fashion circle, but the little fairies really have to choose according to their own style. Remember not to use too much force.