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In the summer, under the scorching sun, there is no more good sunshade than Ray Bans Outlet sunglasses. This little pair of accessories is enough to see the dressing style of New Yorkers. Therefore, the stunning effect of each appearance depends on these two ink lenses…

Ray Bans Outlet
Ray Bans Outlet

This season, two British designers: Giles Deacon and Erdem collaborated with Cutler & Gross. Introducing two sunglasses collections that are rich in British vintage. Like the Kurt rock style of Kurt, you can choose Giles. So if you like Lennon’s hippie style in the 1960s, you can choose Erdem.

Designer Erdem Moralioglu is a famous British fashion designer who studied at the Royal College of Art and won the British Fashion Award. The design is known for its color, optimism and peculiarity.

The collection is inspired by the bright and colorful colors of Japanese female fishermen.

Set off in the style of the sixties, with bright colors, giving a classic nostalgic but a bit of fashion. The colors are available in Black, Humble Potato, Dark Turtle, and Color Print.

Giles Deacon is a famous British fashion designer. He has worked with several top brands such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Tom Ford and more. In February 2002, he launched the personal brand series Giles, which attracted much attention. Giles Deacon has won several awards, including the prestigious British Fashion Awards and the French ANDAM Design Awards.

The series of design styles are exaggerate and bold, giving a feeling of romance, extreme and drama. It is like a record of the young age. The colors are lively and colorful, with pink, silver, black (Liquorice) and jaguar (Leopard).

A generous and graceful sunglasses is a rare magic weapon for fashion people. And the creative sunglasses on the show floor during this time are more eye-catching. Subsequently, the designers of major brands have also pursued the pursuit of victory, the introduction of strange ideas and new ideas of sunglasses.

The most representative is LINDA FARROW. In the 1970s, the British fashion designer Linda Farrow, who was a singer in London’s fashion circle, was loved by Yoko Ono, the wife of the Beating Four lead singer John Lennon. In turn, it has attracted the attention of fashion circles. He teamed up with American ghost designer JEREMY SCOTT. The classic cartoon character MICKEY MOUSE styling combines humor and fashion.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Black Friday Sales

Ray Bans Outlet
Ray Bans Outlet

To be honest, this suit looks really a bit too casual, much like a combination of casual upper body for being late in a date. The combination of sunglasses is cleverly avoiding the excessive sense of randomness, while at the same time it can hide the lack of spiritual appearance. Lovely Ali Michael, the typical street playfulness is heartfelt. Ray Bans Outlet Sunglasses looks very laid back.

Purple Ray Bans OutletĀ sunglasses usually give people an elegant and noble impression with ethnic style dresses. But people have the impression of being casual and feminine. The winding necklace is the most attractive place in the styling, and the uniformity and balance of the sunglasses add to the styling. The white border of the big sunglasses has a beautiful echo with the white of the top. The black and white red three-color ratio is well controlled. Therefore, it looks both retro and cute.