Traveler Icon: Cheap Ray Bans Aviators

You can wear Cheap Ray Bans Aviators just because they are nice. Of course you also know where they come from. When they were born and how they got to you, you will realize that you are not wearing any sunglasses.

Therefore, before starting to name movies and actors right and left, let’s go to the heart of the matter: how it all began.

Advances in aviation allowed flying higher and higher and the sun’s flashes were very annoying for the pilots.

This is how those that once were called sunglasses with green Anti Glare lenses (that is, anti-glare or anti-glare) appeared. But the name was finally Ray-Ban. The initial plastic frame was replaced by a metal one, baptizing the model as Cheap Ray Bans Aviators.

Improvements were incorporated such as the gradient lens, with a special coating on the top for effective protection. A lower part to the air to see clearly the control panel of the aircraft.

The war ended, giving way to the 50s, which brought a new model of glasses with colored frames: the Wayfarer.

The Cheap Ray Bans Aviators adopted the spirit of change and revolution of the 60s. It become a symbol of everything “anti”: anti-fashion, anti-class leader, anti-social …

Rock stars began to wear them in many of their appearances, making them the hallmark of iconoclasm.

It was the time of arcade games, MTV and Brat Pack. The Wayfarer co-starred in films such as Rogue at All Rhythm (1980) and Risky Business (1983).

In Top Gun (1986) he went back to the roots of the Ray-Ban Aviator with a sensational Tom Cruise in the role of Maverick – who does not remember the Danger Zone chords?

In 1986, the maverick played by Tom Cruise, with his Aviators, became a symbol of American cinema and nationalism.

The expansion of Ray-Ban brought Ray Ban Optical (for prescription lenses), Ray Bans Aviators and Ray-Ban Junior (the first exclusive collection for children aged 8 to 12).

The communication actions followed each other, always having the user at the center of their advertising campaigns, such as the famous Never Hide.

To this day, Ray-Ban is part of popular culture. You may continue to carry them in the same way as before you downloaded the page until the end of this text. But possibly now you feel in the clouds to know that they came to respond to an objective that we must all raise each day: FLY HIGHER.