Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most common items in our daily life. Wearing sunglasses can not only resists the glare, but also makes people look cool. When you go to the street or go on your holiday, you can enjoy the sun by wearing wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses.

In the morning, when the sun rises, and in the evening when the sun sets, driver’s vision will be disturbed by the light. People will wear a pair of sunglasses to solve this problem. However, some people said that “the vision will become different while wearing sunglasses”. Therefore, even if the light is glaring, they will not wear sunglasses when driving. So do you need to wear sunglasses when driving?

What kind of sunglasses is more reliable?

Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

For this product test, we have prepared several sunglasses (or night driving mirrors). Some of them are ordinary Wholesale Ray Ban Sunglasses purchased by e-commerce. And some of them are brand-name high-end goods used by our colleagues. These two types of sunglasses, polarized and non-polarized. So  there are four sets of sunglasses, namely: ordinary non-polarized, ordinary polarized, advanced non-polarized and advanced polarized.

After a brief introduction of these sunglasses, some students may ask “What is a polarizer? What is the role of polarizing?” Here’s what the polarizer is.

The lenses of polarized sunglasses have a polarizing effect

What is the polarizing effect? Simply put, the sun’s light travel in space, the direction of the light is arbitrary. And the scattered light is easy to form some dazzling glare. Glare includes reflected light from tarmac, reflections on the interior of a car windshield, reflected light from snow, reflected light from the surface, and so on.

Therefore, smart people want to use a technique to “snap” the light to block the harmful light reflected by the disorder. But it does not block visible light. In this way, the light transmitted through the polarizing lens becomes plane-polarized light. That is, the transmitted light is all in the same plane. Therefore, people add tiny metal powder (iron, copper, nickel, etc.) to the lens to absorb, reflect, and cancel the cluttered light, thereby preventing them from passing through the lens.

We group Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses according to whether they have a polarizing function. In addition to marking the “POLARIZED” polarizer on the product description, we can also perform polarized light testing with a polarizing test card and a liquid crystal display.

Almost all Wholesale Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses come with a polarized test card. Through the polarized sunglasses, observe the pattern on the test card, you can see the complete pattern, not visible through the polarizer. The test principle is very simple, that is, the test card is also a polarization card with polarization. The light passes through the polarizing card to form plane polarized light.

When the plane polarized light reaches the polarized sunglasses, the polarization plate angle of the polarization test card is perpendicular to the sunglass lens. The plane polarized light cannot pass through the sunglasses. The test card appears black, and the graphic displayed. Take the blinds as an example. The polarized test card is equivalent to placing the two blinds vertically to form a “well” shape, so that the light cannot pass through. (source